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WiSPLICE Amenity Management Enables Payment and Access Control for Everything


Sep 18, 2023

Skyway Labs announces the launch of its WiSPLICE Amenity Management platform, enabling payment and access control for any electrical outlet, appliance or device.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – September 18, 2023 – Skyway Labs announced today the launch of WiSPLICE, a groundbreaking platform and product line for managing and monetizing anything that can be turned on, including EV charging, recreational lighting, heating, air conditioning, and waste disposal. 

WiSPLICE connects electrical outlets, appliances, and devices to its easy-to-use management platform which enables payment processing, access control, and energy management features. Amenities can be configured as publicly accessible pay-per-use stations, allowing anyone with a smartphone to activate and pay for usage using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or most credit cards. Or, stations can be restricted to certain authorized users, either on a pay-per-use basis or for free.

"We’re thrilled to be launching WiSPLICE. We think it will be of immediate benefit for existing amenity hosts, and will enable the creation of new amenities that previously couldn’t be funded or managed," said Mike Neufeld, Founder & CEO of Skyway Labs. "WiSPLICE will bring payment and access control to countless applications that were not previously feasible. We’ve designed WiSPLICE to be a drop-in solution that can secure and begin generating revenue from any amenity – in minutes."

WiSPLICE boasts a suite of flexible management features that can be instantly deployed for a wide variety of applications. Amenities can be controlled using the UL-listed WiSPLICE Amenity Manager controller, which can be installed in most junction boxes. The WiSPLICE Amenity Manager communicates directly and securely with a user’s smartphone, allowing authentication and payment with no need for WiFi or other infrastructure. Alternatively, WiSPLICE can be connected to hundreds of products through its IFTTT integration, available now.

WiSPLICE is currently in Beta, and interested parties are encouraged to sign up for early access at General availability is expected in Q4 2023.

About Skyway Labs

Skyway Labs is an emerging innovator in the realm of IoT business solutions. The company specializes in identifying unmet needs and addressing them with advanced technology. Skyway Labs has developed WiSPLICE to effortlessly bring billing and access control features to anything that can be turned on. For more information, visit, or contact


Mike Neufeld, Founder & CEO

Skyway Labs Inc.

Suite 377 - 901 3rd St. West

North Vancouver BC V7P 3P9


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