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It's easy to get WiSPLICE working for you.

Buy the hardware, install it, and start receiving revenue.



Standard service is free, with no recurring fees.



  • Station activation and payment via Mobile App or Web App

  • Usage/time based billing, operating hours control, and more.


Advanced - 5 Stations

  • User access control — enable user groups, free access for groups

  • Real-time monitoring of station usage and stats (WiFi connection required)

  • Detailed usage logging and history



  • All Advanced features, for up to 50 stations

Need more? Contact us for custom solutions.


We operate on simple, pay-per-use pricing that enables us to provide standard service with no setup or monthly fees.


on usage

Fees are deducted prior to payout to your connected account. Includes 2.9% payment processor fee and 7.1% WiSPLICE service fee. 2.9% payment processor fee is applied to sales tax amounts and deducted from payouts. $0.45 card fee is added to all session purchases at checkout.

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