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WiSPLICE is designed for flexibility, with features to fit any application. Talk to us about your ideas so we can advise a solution that meets your exact needs.

Versatile Hardware

WiSPLICE Amenity Manager fits anywhere. Small enough to fit in most junction boxes, control cabinets and enclosures where permitted by local codes. UL-listed for use in the United States and Canada.

Billing Modes for Any Application

WiSPLICE stations can be configured for free use, paid per hour or minute, paid per kWh, fixed fee per session, or user-selected donation.

Scheduled Availability

Configure your WiSPLICE station to be available during certain hours on a weekly schedule, or available 24/7.

Realtime Monitoring

Our web-based dashboard provides realtime insight over all aspects of your WiSPLICE installations, including energy consumption, revenue statistics, alerts, user management and more.

IFTTT Support

Trigger IFTTT actions to occur when a user starts a WiSPLICE session. Manage and monetize any device that works with IFTTT, with or without installing WiSPLICE hardware.

WiFi or Mobile service not required

When using our Amenity Manager hardware, most functionality is available even without WiFi access or Mobile data subscription. WiSPLICE devices can operate by connecting directly to the user's smartphone app, using secure 256-bit encryption for all transactions.

No need for monthly subscription fees or network maintenance — it just works. 

Tax Collection Settings

WiSPLICE allows you to set tax rates for your region if required. Our management dashboard gives you the information you need to report and remit to your tax authority.

Mobile and Web Access

We offer a web app and iOS and Android mobile app to reach all possible users. Most stations can be accessed by casual users without downloading the mobile app at all.

User Access Control

Allow any member of the public to access your WiSPLICE station, or restrict it to a select few by e-mail address.

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