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How WiSPLICE Works

WiSPLICE manages and monetizes your amenities. Use WiSPLICE Amenity Manager hardware to manage outlets or hard-wired fixtures. Or connect WiSPLICE to your smart devices with IFTTT. Either way, WiSPLICE lets you secure, collect payment, and control access to anything.

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When used with our Amenity Manager hardware, WiSPLICE controls power to any electrical outlet, fixture, or appliance. It allows anyone with a smartphone to quickly activate and pay for usage, in most cases without even downloading an app. The Amenity Manager communicates directly with the user's smartphone, eliminating the need for network infrastructure. 

Alternatively, use the WiSPLICE IFTTT service to trigger actions on any smart device. Use WiSPLICE's flexible payment and access control features to create a publicly-accessible, revenue-generating service from any smart appliance — in minutes!

Whatever approach you take, any payment collected from your users is automatically deposited in your bank account, securely facilitated through our partnership with Stripe.

WiSPLICE lets you...

Customize how your station is presented

Set up images and custom text that that will advertise your amenities to potential users

Control billing modes, pricing, and taxation

Choose from fixed per-session, time-based, consumption-based or user-selected donations.  Set prices and tax rates.

Configure user groups and access control

Limit access to registered users you select. Provide free access to staff or other groups. Set time limits and operating hours.

Create signage to attract users​

WiSPLICE automatically generates compelling, ready-to-print signage based on your configuration. Simply print and post near your amenity.

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