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WiSPLICE makes everything billable

EV charging outlets. Public lighting. Recreational amenities.

If it can be turned on, WiSPLICE can turn it into a revenue-generating service.


WiSPLICE Lets You:

‣ Generate revenue from amenities you already provide

‣ Fund new amenities and delight your visitors and tenants

‣ Control who uses your amenities, and when

‣ Reduce waste, save energy, and recover costs

Installs in Minutes

Once configured, your outlet or amenity is a fully-managed service. Use our mobile or web app to assign users, set fees, operating hours, and more. Connect a bank account to automatically receive payment via Stripe.

No Recurring Fees Needed

We don't require a subscription or recurring fee. Instead, we charge a small fee on transactions, allowing your amenities to bring in revenue indefinitely, with no commitment or account maintenance by you or your organization.

Works with Anything

Our hardware can be installed in standard junction boxes and equipment cabinets, and communicates directly with users' smartphones for activation. No network infrastructure required!

We also work with any smart device that works with IFTTT, such as smart outlets, lighting control, and thermostats. If has an internet connection, WiSPLICE can monetize it in minutes.


User Friendly


Anyone can instantly enable your service by simply scanning its QR badge.


No download or registration needed — simply scan and activate using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or almost any credit card.

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