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We Make Your Amenities Valuable

Whether you operate an apartment complex or a basement suite, a public park or a parking garage, you likely provide amenities that you've never been able to collect revenue from. WiSPLICE changes this by making it easy to collect user fees for anything that is powered or controlled by electricity.

We open up a world of possibilities, not just for your existing amenities but new ones you could create.

EV Charging

Electric Vehicles are now beyond mainstream. Your residents, employees, and guests need to charge their cars at home, at work, and during their stays. If you aren't offering EV charging, they'll use any outlet they can find, incurring significant costs.

WiSPLICE costs you almost nothing to install, and starts delivering revenue immediately.


  • Use WiSPLICE make your existing outlets billable. Install a low-cost WiSPLICE S16 in any public-facing outlet and allow anyone to activate and pay for usage.

  • We generate a QR placard that you can display near the outlet. Users can scan the QR code and immediately pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card. 

  • Our flexible billing modes allow you to bill by fixed fee, per hour, or by kWh where permitted by law. You can allow certain users, such as staff members, to activate for free.

Tennis court lit up at night time_edited.jpg

Public Lighting


Sports fields, tennis courts and other public recreation facilities are great when coupled with night-time illumination, but this can be difficult to fund and administer.

  • Use WiSPLICE to turn these facilities into revenue generators. Or, keep them free but restrict access to registered users, or restrict operating times.

  • Install a WiSPLICE S16 in the control cabinet to directly control power to the lighting. Or use in conjunction with a contactor for high-power applications.

  • Let users activate the amenity for free, by donation, or for an hourly fee. A QR badge is included for you to display near the amenity to make it easy to access with a smartphone.

Building Amenities

  • Control access to and generate revenue from building amenities such as car wash stations, laundry machines, saunas, barbecues or patio heating.

  • Fund the installation of new amenities using the revenue that WiSPLICE will help you generate.

  • Ensure safety and satisfaction of your users by restricting access to those who have been oriented and trained in their use.

Image by HUUM
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