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Introducing WiSPLICE Amenity Management

WiSPLICE used to create a paid EV charging outlet

We're ecstatic to introduce WiSPLICE, a groundbreaking new solution for managing and monetizing amenities. What does this mean? We're talking about any amenity that is powered or controlled by electricity -- outlets for EV Charging, lighting on sports fields or courts, heating or cooling in public areas, cooking facilities, car wash/vac stations, waste disposal stations -- anything you can imagine. WiSPLICE lets you turn your amenities into pay-per-use, access-controlled stations that can be activated by anyone, or specific authorized users, using a mobile app. We've designed WiSPLICE to be simple enough to be installed, configured, and generating revenue in minutes.

WiSPLICE consists of a cloud-based, mobile-enabled service paired with our Amenity Manager smart controller device. The Amenity Manager can be installed in most junction boxes and enables power to the connected amenity when a user starts a session. It is capable of monitoring energy consumption and can be connected to a WiFi network where available. Importantly, the Amenity Manager doesn't require WiFi or any network connectivity to work -- it will securely communicate with the user's smartphone to initiate sessions. That makes it a no-infrastructure solution -- simply install the device, configure your station, and you're ready for users.

How WiSPLICE is used to control an electrical outlet

WiSPLICE can also be used with any smart device that works with IFTTT. Create a WiSPLICE station using our easy-to-use web app, configure it as a trigger for any IFTTT action, and you instantly have an access-controlled, paid service using a wide variety of smart devices such as Kasa smart outlets, Philips Hue smart lighting, Mysa thermostats, and hundreds of others. The possibilities are endless.

Standard functionality is available with no recurring fees or subscriptions. This means you can collect revenue indefinitely with no account maintenance or payments. Usage fees will simply be deposited to your connected bank account via our payments processor, Stripe, and we deduct a small transaction fee on every session. We also offer highly affordable subscription plans to support our advanced features, such as access control and real-time monitoring.

We anticipate WiSPLICE will be used by property managers, municipal governments, short-term rental hosts, landlords, and anyone who provides amenities. We of course believe that many existing amenities benefit from WiSPLICE providing the ability generate revenue to recoup operating costs and fund ongoing maintenance. In many more cases, we look forward to WiSPLICE helping to fund and secure new amenities that wouldn't be possible otherwise. We can't wait to hear your ideas and would love to work with you to make them possible.

WiSPLICE is currently in beta, which means we're allowing a limited number of public users who sign up for our beta access program. Our UL-listed Amenity Manager hardware is available on a limited basis to beta users. Please sign up using our beta access page.


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